2014 Event Photos

April 2014 Flea Market Event

The Spring 2014 Flea Market was held April 12-13. After a long, cold winter, it was great to host over 1800 vendors and guests throughout the weekend! Photos by Dave Jamroz.

2014 Flea Market from above
The Visitor Center's Gym was full of vendors with many wares to sell.
2014 Flea Market front area
The front room was also full with many great deals.
2014 Flea Market outside
Several vendors even set up outside. Here, our friends of the All Nations Veterans Council have a sales area that raises funds for their efforts.
Chris K sells food
An Army travels on it's stomach. So do Flea Market visitors. Here, HFWC member Chris Kachadoorin sells in our canteen.
Flea Market guests
Great fun was had throughout the weekend!