Vintage Base Ball

Early Riser BBC & Detroit River Belles

Vintage base ball - where sports and history meet! 

The Early Risers Base Ball Team

The Early Riser Base Ball Club 

The HFWC has sponsored our VBBA team since 2009. The  Early Risers are named after one of the first baseball teams in Detroit! Rules for this league are taken from older baseball rules.

Come out and root for the team! Admission and parking are free.

Images credit: Lynsey Lue Photography

Early Risers BBC

Early Risers 2022 Home Games 

July 17 - Vs. Dexter - 1pm first pitch
July 23 - Vintage Base Ball Day - multiple team tournament ! 11am - 3pm
Sept 18 vs Walker Tavern Wheels of Brooklyn, Michigan - 1pm first pitch 

The Early Risers Base Ball Team

Detroit River Belles 

In 2014, we welcomed the formation of a ladies' team, the Detroit River Belles! Although there were no known organized ladies clubs in Detroit in the 1860's, there were clubs forming on the east coast and the River Belles represent what a ladies club of the Victorian era would have been.

The Belles were interviewed for a 2015 NPR article titled Baseball In Skirts, 19th Century Style. Take a look!

Check out their schedule below and come watch them play! Admission is free.

Photo By Carol Sheldon

Detroit River Belles 2022 Base Ball Schedule

No games scheduled