Civil War Days

2019 Civil War Days Event

There's always something of historic proportions going on around here!

Civil War Days


Saturday June 8, 10am - 4pm
Sunday June 9, 10am - 4pm

Historic Fort Wayne buildings and grounds

Free parking
Fort tours available - $5 per person.

Join us as our beloved fort becomes a window into Civil War history! Meet Living Historians and historic personalities all day. Experience wartime cooking demos, original artillery pieces, Union and Confederate troop drills, a vintage base ball game and more.

Short film Hold My Horse

New for 2019 is the re-organization of the Union Infantry garrison based on recent extensive research. We will portray the 2nd Michigan Infantry the weekend before they shipped for Washington DC in 1861. There will be a lot to see, such as:
- guard mount at the guardhouse the actual 2nd Michigan used
- cooks preparing mid-day meal
- mid-day meal service in the actual mess hall the 2nd MI used
- laundress demos
- meet Annie Etheridge, a woman who supported several MI regiments, starting with the 2nd Michigan
- fatigue duty performed per 1861 Free Press documentation
- Quartermaster supplies shipment and issue demo
- ordnance stores per early Free Press documentation
- post sutler, forerunner to the modern PX store

Visitor Center - Area Premiere of "Hold My Horse"
HFWC is proud to premiere the short film "Hold My Horse," a true story about the 2nd Michigan's commander, Israel Richardson.

Also at the Visitor Center will be displays from several private collectors focused on Fort Wayne and the 2nd Michigan Infantry PLUS several author presentations regarding Michigan's critical role in the Civil War.