Welcome to our photo gallery! Want to get a glimpse at the Fort and events we've previously held? Well, you're in the right place. Below you will find links to pages of images from events past. You'll also find a gallery of historical images of the Fort.

Never been to Historic Fort Wayne? Wonder what the place looks like? Visit the picture tour of the Fort. We'll take you on a trip around the place. Still, don't let that be your best look at our historic gem, come visit us!

Historical Photographs of Fort Wayne

Picture Tour of Fort Wayne Today

New Finds during our work at the Fort - Coming Soon!

Images from 2016 events

Civil War Days, June 14-15, 2016

Colonial Days, June 2016

Images from 2014 events

HFWC Spring Flea Market - April 12-13, 2014

HFWC participates in CWPT's Park Day - April 5, 2014

UofM Detroit Partnership Day - March 2014

Images from 2013 events

June 2013 Colonial Days Event

May 2013 WW2 Re-enactment and Veteran's Recognition

April 2013 Flea Market

March 2013 HFWC workday

U of M Detroit Partnership Day

Images from 2012 events

Civil War Days 2012

War of 1812 200th Anniversary Living History

Spring Flee Market/CWPT Parks Day Clean-Up

Images from 2011 events

A Civil War Christmas, December 10

World War Two Re-enactment, October 15-16

Images from 2010 events

Word War II Weekend, May 8

"Disaffected in Canada" Civil War living history event, June 11-13

Fort Wayne Civil War Days, July 10-11

Lake Shore School Work Day, October 6

Veteran's Recognition and World War Two Re-enactment, October 16-17

Images from 2009 events

Richards & New Haven Middle School Visit, June 6-7

Fort Wayne Civil War Days, July 11-12

Coalition Work Days

Christmas at the Fort 2009

Images from 2008 events

Federal Combined Arms Drill, April 18-20

Richard Middle School Visit, June 7-8

Fort Wayne Civil War Days, July 12-13

Garrison Weekend, August 2-3

Christmas at the Fort, December 13

Images from 2007 events

Fort Wayne Battalion Drill, April 21-22

Fort Wayne Civil War Days, July 6-8

Light Infantry Drill, November 9-11

Images from 2006 events

HFWC Work Day, March 18

Michigan Cavalry Brigade Drill, April 8-9

Fort Wayne Batallion Drill, April 22-23

HFWC Work Day, May 6

School of the Piece, June 3-4

Fort Wayne Civil War Days, July 8-9

Images from 2005 events

HFWC Work Day, November 12