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8/11/16 - Updated the Flea Market page to include a flyer for the Fall 2016 event.
7/18/16 - Improved the reservation process for Tours After Dark
7/13/16 - Updated Medieval Days page to include press coverage of the 2016 event.
7/7/16 - Updated Medieval page to add a press article. Posted article on main page. Added page of photos from Civil War Days 2016.
6/30/16 - Updated Tours After Dark page and Main Page.
6/15/16 - Updated the Tours After Dark page and Public Events Calendar.
6/6/16 - Updated the event calendar as well as the flea market page.
3/3/16 - Updated Swing Dance and Tours After Dark Page as well as Colonial Days and WW2 event page.
2/21/16 - Updated event page and Colonial Days page.
2/16/16 - Updated 4 event pages and added many public events to the event main page.
1/25/16 - Added a flyer for the Spring Flea Market.
1/10/16 - Many updates. Event page updated. Civil War Days, Colonial Days, WW2 and Scouting pages updated.
10/30/15 - Updated Civil War Christmas and main pages.
10/2/15 - Updated Flea market page and main page.
9/29/15 - Flea market page updated. Event page updated.
9/15/15 - Index page updated. Marker dedication leads the page!
9/10/15 - Index page updated with new content.
Civil War Days page updated.
9/8/15 - Index page updated with new content.
Events page updated.
8/16/15 - Revised bylaws, as passed by the membership at the 7/11 meeting, are posted on the About the Coalition page.
7/26/15 - Updated links page.
7/17/15 - Events page updated. Membership event page updated on 7/1. Vintage Base Ball page updated. Main page updated.
4/29/15 - CWD flyer added on the CWD page.
2/3/15 - Updated Membership application
1/26/15 - Updated main page, events page and multiple event pages.
10/2/14 - Updated events page and Vintage Baseball page.
5/5/14 - Updated events page. Added new event.
4/24/14 - Updated main page. Added to the schedule on the Vintage Baseball page.
4/22/14 - Updated Main page. Added Event Flyers for the WW2 event May 3-4. Updated WW2 event page.
4/21/14 - Created a photo page From the Spring 2014 flea market. Updated the index page, photo page and Flea Market event page.
4/19/14 - Updated main page, calendar, visitors page and flea market page. Created photo pages for CWPT Park day, 2013 WW2 event and updated photo main page.
4/6/14 - Created Photo page for U of M Partnership day, updated photo page.
3/29/14 - Updated Events page, Main page and Vintage Baseball page!
3/9/14 - Updated Events page with new events!
2/13/14 - Updated Flea Market page with new flyer for the spring flea market!
2/10/14 - Updated Membership events page and main page.
2/8/14 - Added the 2014 membership application!
1/29/14 - Updated 5 event pages by adding registation forms to them.
1/19/14 - Fixed link on main page.
1/2/14 - Updated main page, public event calendar and many event pages.
8/1/13 - Updated Civil War Days page and Main Page.
7/26/13 - Added photo page for Colonial Days 2013. Updated Colonial Days, Main, and photo page.
7/22/13 - Updated main page, event calendar and CWD page.
7/17/13 - Updaged main page and event calendar. Also updated Civil War Days and Christmas event pages.
6/21/13 - Updated main page and visitor info page.
5/30/13 - Updated Index and event page
5/20/13 - Created Memorial Day LH page, updated index page and event calendar.
5/8/13 - Created Colonial Days page. Updated 1812 event page and event calendar.
5/7/13 - Updated Main page and Event Page.
5/2/13 - Updated Main page and Event Page
4/26/13 - Updaged main page, added Flea Market photo page
4/14/13 - Updated main page and Visitor's page.
4/5/13 - Updated caption in a photo story page, added event to both event calendars, updated main page
4/2/13 - Updated Photo page, added Photo story page
3/25/13 - Updgead March 2013 workday page with captions.
3/18/2013 - Updated Photo page, created March 2013 Workday photo page
3/17/12 - Updated Photo page, created CWD12 Photo page, updated CWD event page.
3/16/13 - Updated Main page, CWD page and WW2 page.
3/9/13 - Update main page, event calendar
2/19/13 - Updated main page, flea market page and events page.
2/12/13 - Bowling page updated.
1/26/13 - Bowling page, main page and events page updated.
10/9/12 - Updated main page.
10/5/12 - Updated Membership events page.
9/26/12 - Updated WW2 page as well as main page and added events to the member event page.
8/29/12 - Updated Flea Market page and 1812 photo page.
8/22/12 - Made an 1812 event photo page. Updated main photo and index page to provide links.
8/12/12 - Updated 1812, Flea Market and Main page.
7/9/12 - Updated main page and membership events
7/2/12 - Updated CWD page with late breaking schedule changes.
6/30/12 - Updated CWD and main page.
6/29/12 - Updated CWD and main page.
6/18/12 - Updated CWD, main and event page.
6/11/12 - Added Bowling Fundraiser event page. Updated events, membership events and main page.
5/30/12 - Updated main page.
5/12/12 - Updated index page and added a "join us" page.
5/8/12 - Update index and Vintage baseball pages with Fox 2 news article. Updated events pages.
5/5/12 - Updated index, visitors and Vintage baseball pages.
4/24/12 - Created page on Boy Scouts at Fort Wayne. Updated index page and About Coalition page. Andre's picture and bio are added to the Meet the Executive Board page.
4/23/12 - Updated the index page.
4/11/12 - Added photo page from recent event. Updated main photo page and main page.
4/7/12 - Updated main page and membership events page.
3/26/12- Public Events page updated.
3/21/12 - Updated 1812 event page.
3/10/12 - Updated pages for Civil War Days, 1812 event and Christmas event.
3/9/12 - Four pages updated. New photos on 1848 barracks page of tour. Picture of Exec. Board member updated.
2/17/12 - Flea Market page created and linked to the main page and event calendar.
2/10/12 - Flea Market info added to index page and the event calendar.
1/15/12 - 2012 public events updated
1/10/12 - 2012 membership application posted in it's first form.
1/1/12 - Some new events added to the membership events page and the index updated. Happy New Years!
12/19/11 - Christmas page updated with more participant names.
12/16/11 - Added photo page for recent event. Updated main photo page and index.
12/2/11 - Updated Main page and Events page with info on Parks Day 2012.
11/8/11 - Added a photo page from the 2011 WW2 event. Updated the main photo page and index page.
10/10/11 - Updated WW2 page with a schedule.
10/6/11 - Updated events page and started page for the 1812 event to be held in 2012.
9/30/11 - Updated Index, Events and Started "A Civil War Christmas" page
9/24/11 - Updated Index, Events and WW2 page.
9/20/11 - Updated Index page
9/5/11 - Updated Index and Patriot Palooza page
8/30/11 - Updated index page and Patriot Palooa page
8/28/11 - Updated index page, Patriot Palooza page created, updated event calendar.
7/26/11 - Updated index page, event page and visitor's page.
6/24/11 - Page added to recap the TAPS 2011 event.
6/23/11 - Civil War Days page updated. Index page updated.
6/18/11 - Journal page updated with newest edition of the Journal.
6/9/11 - Both events pages updated. Pic of Parade Grounds with Soccer games added to Fort Virtual Tour.
5/31/11 - Visitors page updated with Summer hours of operation.
5/8/11 - Main page, Vintage B-Ball page and both event pages updated.
4/14/11 - Meet the Executive Board page updated.
4/11/11 - Index, events, and Mustering the 1st pages updated!
4/1/11 - Journal page received the current look. Also the latest Journal Edition (March 2011) is posted as a pdf there. Also, a new history page on Peter Audrain is published off the Fort Wayne History page.
3/30/11 - Main page, Visitor page and event pages updated.
3/24/11 - Page for the "Mustering the 1st" event added and linked to the event page.
3/8/11 - Index, Visitor info, Membership Events and main event page all updated!
2/15/11 - Elections page updated with statements from both candidates for secretary in the special election. Thanks for running. Also, a photo page was added for the 2010 Veteran's Recognition and WW2 Event. The Visitor's Page is also updated with the new look and some links updated.
2/4/11 - The links page got the new look. Also, two links were added. A vintage baseball page is added with our team's 2011 schedule. The index page is updated to support these!
1/24/11 - A correction was made to the events page and a note added to the index about Events.
1/21/11 - The Event page is heavily updated with 2011 dates. Come join us at the Fort!
1/19/11 - The Donor page is updated and has received the new look as well.
1/17/11 - Event page and Membership Events pages are updated. Look for more events on the main event page very soon.
11/14/10 - New history page on Native American subjects added to History section. More names added to Fort Commanders list. Several photo pages get updated with the new look.
11/8/10 - Main page updated with election results - 2011 membership application added to Get Involved page.
10/21/10 - Main page updated - Step back in time - Christmas at the Fort is our next event!
10/14/10 - Schedule for World War 2 event posted on it's page!
10/11/10 - Two new pages are added to the site. One is a page with statements from candidates for the current election. The other is a work day photo page from work completed by students from Lake Shore School.
10/7/10 - A event photo page for Christmas at the Fort 2009 is added and linked to the Christmas at the Fort event page.
10/4/10 - More info on Chrstmas at the Fort page. Also, another Ghost Hunt and Christmas at the Fort are added to the Events page.
10/3/10 - Christmas at the Fort page is updated. Also new info is on the main page on 10/2.
9/30/10 - 7 pages, including this one, have received their new look.
9/24/10 - The Fort's Commander's page is updated with more names. Also, a page is added in the Fort's History section listing 10 major events that Fort Wayne provided to American History.
7/25/10 - A page is added for this October's World War II re-enactment. It's basic and will be updated a lot in the coming weeks.
7/24/10 - More pages get the new look. A page on the Fort's commanders has been added and will be more complete soon. The "Disaffected in Canada" living history event has pictures posted in the photo gallery.
7/23/10 - new look for website spreading through site. About HFWC page updated with photos and look of page improved. You will now see a color rollover when you point to a link in the navigation bar. Civil War Days page added to the photo gallery.

7/12/10 - link to Free Press coverage of Civil War Days added to main page and CWD page.

7/7/10 - Civil War Days spectator's schedule added to the Civil War Days page.
5/24/10-Added Car Show event page and link on Home page. Added WWII weekend photos.
3/6/10-Coalition Store and Administration pages are now active.
2/5/10-Added a 2009 Work Days photo page. Updateds were done on the Donors page and the membership application was updated. The Event Calendars were also updated.
11/26/09-Removed info and links about Civil War Historian Magazine deal.
11/17/09-Updated Membership Application and posted the Fort was closed for the Winter.
10/21/09-Public and Membership Event Calendars updated.
8/13/09-Project and Ground Committee pages are updated. Both event schedules also updated. Civil War Days page updated to reflect 2010 dates.
8/4/09-The July issue of the Fort Journal has been posted.
7/24/09-Pictures from Richards & New Haven Middle School visit added to the photo gallery.
7/22/09-Pictures from Civil War Days 2009 are posted in the Photo Gallery.
6/27/09-Event Calendar updated. Links to picture tour added to About Historic Fort Wayne and Visitor Information pages. Soldier graffiti photos added to old barracks page in the picture tour.
6/18/09-Left link navigation bars have been slightly streamlined.
6/17/09-Car show flyer added to the Event Calendar, Car Show headlines the home page links, 24th Michigan added to the donor page and links page.
6/10/09-A new Organizational Member, Michigan Cavalry Brigade, website link has been added to the Links page.
6/5/09-Christmas at the Fort 08 pictures posted, Civil War Days public and participant flyer posted on Civil War Days page.
6/3/09-Event schedule and membership event calendar updated.
4/14/09-Event schedule and membership event calendar updated.
4/2/09-Event schedule updated with Christmas at the Fort and Run to Fort Wayne information. Workdays & Membership Event Calendar updated. Christmas at the Fort page updated with 2009 information.
3/7/09-The Coalition is happy to welcome three Organizational Members. MOLLUS, 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Co. B, Inc. and 4th Texas Infantry, Co. E. Their website links have been added to the Links page. Please support them by visiting their websites.
1/24/09-The Meet the Executive Board page has been updated with the new board information.
1/15/09- The Civil War Historian has shown their support for Historic Fort Wayne. When you subscribe or renew your current subscription to the Civil War Historian using the below coded form, $5 of the cost will come directly to the Historic Fort Wayne Coalition for preservation. CWH SUBSCRIPTION FORM (PDF)Don't hesitate, subscribe today!
12/6/08-Event Calendar and Membership Event & Meeting Calendar updated. The November 2008 Journal has also been posted. Thank you Crystal Keller for a great newsletter!
11/23/08-Link to the Detroit News video slide show added to the Home page and the About the Coalition page. New casemate progress photos posted in the Restoration & Preservation section.
11/14/08-Many new updates! New photos added to the virtual tour. New photos added to Civil War Days 08. New organizational and individual donors were added to the Donors page. October Journal is available online. Plus many more housekeeping items.
11/2/08-Election results posted.
11/01/08-Four new images added to the historical photo gallery. Images of Civil War 2007 also added to the photo gallery. Restoration and preservation pages also received updates.
10/13/08-Events Calendar is updated for 2008-2009. A Membership Event & Meetings Calendar page was also added. Link to the page is at the top of the main Events Calendar Page.
10/11/08-Board Election information is available on the website. Link is on the Home page or Click Here
9/29/08-Strategy One Microsystems, Inc. is added to the Links and Donor pages.
9/22/08-Strategy One Microsystems, Inc. in Southgate Michigan donated $300 of computer equipment to the Coalition.
8/30/08-Event Calendar updated to list Light Infantry Drill and Christmas at the Fort events.
8/18/08-Shawn Fitchpatrick e-mail added to Meet the Board page. Bonnie and Ron's bios added to the Grounds Committee page. A new link was also added to Boy Scout Troop 1795.
8/9/08-Photo pages added for Light Infantry Drill 07, Richards Middle School event, Combined Arms Drill 08 and the Garrison Weekend 08.
8/9/08-Added e-mail addresses for Lloyd, Will and Dennis on the Meet the Executive Board Page. Also added Lloyd's bio.
7/31/08-Bob Hovansian's bio was added to the Meet the Projects Committee page.
7/20/08-TomBerlucchiand Doris Julian bios added. Added Civil War Days 08 photos and started a Richard Middle School photos page.
6/30/08-Link to Civil War Days Flyer now goes to a image of the flyer.