The Historic Fort Wayne Coalition is very proud of the relationship we've grown with the Boy Scouts. As a community, scouting is an integral and vital part of our team. Scouts have opportunites to help, learn, grow, visit and enjoy Historic Fort Wayne through this partnership. Our Scouting Schedule for this year is a follows:

2016 Scout ScheduleSchedule
Date Event Description Additonal Information
April 2 National Park Day - 10-4 - Everyone welcome welcome to help clean up the site. No parking fee! We are Michigan's only participant in this national event  






These opportunites come in many ways:

Troop Visit

Many troops have come to the Fort as an overnight trip for the troop. Often the Scouts know where they are going ahead of time. A few troops have even made it the destination of a "mystery trip." Once on site, the Scouts have an overnight experience that can be tailored to their group's desire.

Always, there is a service component to the trip. We ask a troop to give a few hours during the overnight stay to help with the continuing maintainence, restoration or preservation of the Fort. Work is always set up to be appropriate for the young men to accomplish and have fun doing together.

The troops usually take a guided tour of the site. This gives the young men and their adult leaders a chance to learn a lot more about the vast history we are fortunate to be the caretakers of. Sometimes we even let them have a taste of what men in the Civil War went through and teach them a little Civil War Military Drill.

Scouts help Fort

Photo by Dave Jamroz

There are several options for lodging when a troop comes to visit. Some stay on cots in our office, Building 112. Others use it as an opportunity to work on their camping skills. Some stay in the recreated barracks room in the 1848 Limestone Barracks and learn how soldiers lived during the Civil War. Others choose to stay on the cots in the Spanish American War era Guard House and learn how those men lived. Of course, there is always time for recreation and fun!

Checkers in Mess Hall

Photo by Dave Jamroz

If you are intersted in bringing a troop to Historic Fort Wayne, please email us!

District Events

We have been happy to host a district Camp-O-Ree before. In 2007, over 300 Scouts and their leaders descended on Historic Fort Wayne for the weekend. It was a great time for all.

Salute at Camp-o-ree

Cav and Scouts


Photos by Matt Beaudry

Eagle Scout Projects

In the past few years, we have had many young men work with the HFWC to find significant ways to help Historic Fort Wayne by accomplishing their Eagle Scout Project. These projects have ranged from clearning road curb and gutters and repainting them to repainting a line of fence to restoring a porch. The scope of what can be done to help Historic Fort Wayne and it's grounds are vast and young men can work to tailor their experience to their interests and desires.

Whenever possible, a few of the leaders from the HFWC are thrilled to attend the young man's Court of Honor when he receives his Eagle Scout Award.

If you are a Scout and wish to do your Eagle Project here, please email us!


HFWC Chair Tom Berlucchi (left) and Author Dave Jamroz (2nd from right) present Alex Acton with a copy of the book on Fort Wayne's history. Alex did his Eagle Project at Historic Fort Wayne.

Photo Courtesy Dave Jamroz

111 porch

A front porch from officer's row and 1st floor windows have been restored and painted during an Eagle Project.

SAGH fence

The Spanish American Guard House fence was repaired and painted by another Eagle Project. Wouldn't it be nice for the next Eagle Project to tackle improving the Curb around it? This sort of "layering" of work makes the site look all the better!

QM garages

The garages behind the QM Shop have been repaired and painted in an April 2012 Eagle Project.

Photos by Will Eichler